1981 Citation 1SP

This 1981 Citation 1SP just jumped onto the market.  Make an offer while its still available.


Left engine: 5977.3 hours

Right engine: 5993.3 hours

TT: 6073

5730 landings

Hot sections:

Left and Right engine complied with 07/24/2009 @ 5821 Total time airframe. New HT blades installed at that time. 1547.7 hours remain until next hot section


Phase I thru IV complied with 01/30/2013 @ 6046.8 Total time airframe.

Phase V due 01/31/2014

-left engine overhauled: 03/29/1999 @ 3618 total time airframe: 697.7 hours remain until next overhaul

-Right engine overhauled 01/16/1998 @ 3228 total time airframe: 654.7 hours remain until next overhaul


  • Comm1 GNS530
  • Comm2 GNS430
  • GTX330 transponders- 2 installed
  • GMX200 MFD
  • Two separate traffic advisory systems (air-based and ground) TCAS
  • RVSM equipped and certified
  • Shadin fuel flow.
  • SPZ-500 auto pilot.
  • Back up glare shield lights
  • DME 40
  • C596502202 cessna audio panels.


Additional Options:

Kieth air conditioning, KGP860 groundprox, New Concord battery RG-380E/44 s/n 40555420[/one_third_last]

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